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$$ COVID-19 Financial Resources Available $$

AMTC strives to provide the most relevant and up to date information.  Because of the nature of COVID-19, the information contained here is subject to change without notice.  Please check back often for the most up to date information.

If you know of a financing resource that we have not listed, please provide AMTC with the URL for the resource so we can research it and post it for all to benefit.  


AMTC conducted the first pan-Asian survey of the impact of COVID-19 on SMEs across Asia-Pacific from 31 March to 6 April 2020.

For SMEs who need help during this trying period, join us at (memberships is free for SMEs). For urgent queries, please contact us at [email protected]


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Personal wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us at AMTC.  In light of the current circumstances, we have made the painful decision to postpone all scheduled events until the threat of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) has subsided.  Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

AMTC's Vision

We envision a flourishing community of small businesses empowered with the knowledge, network and ability to engage and influence relevant stakeholders on trade policies, with the goal of building a vibrant trade ecosystem.

AMTC's Mission

Engage The

  • Reach out to like-minded MSMEs across different industries in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Grow the local network of business communities and in so doing, strengthen the regional business ecosystem.
  • Identify local Ambassadors, Country Leads and Heads of Community, who can best identify with local business needs and challenges, effectively becoming the voice of their MSME community.

Empower The

  • Work with the local communities to identify knowledge gaps and address them through capacity building initiatives.
  • Provide resources and platforms through which businesses can interact with each other, share their experiences and strengthen their knowledge base.
  • Grow the network of members and expand business opportunities across the region.
  • Facilitate dialogue between businesses and government bodies.
  • Provide platforms for MSMEs to directly engage trade organisations, regulators and multilateral institutions.

MSMEs serve as potential engines for economic growth and trade in Asia. They account for 96% of all enterprises and 62% of the labour workforce.

MSMEs have a great influence on trade in the region. Nevertheless, MSMEs face several challenges which include the lack of resources, such as market access and information and the lack of networks, resulting in them not possessing the know-how and information. Furthermore, some small businesses are geographically isolated and their products and services are unable to penetrate more markets and segments.

Lastly and importantly, unlike large corporate outfits MSMEs do not have the resources to lobby governments for important regulatory changes. Governments are more likely to listen to local MSMEs. But unfortunately, MSMEs themselves do not have ready access to government officials, and even when and if they do, they lack the ability to communicate and couch their problems in ways that government officials will feel compelled to act on.

AMTC has 3 key objectives:

To serve as the bridge between MSMEs and government officials in the communication of opportunities and challenges faced in the area of trade in Asia.

Promote the involvement of MSME representatives in all stages of trade negotiations and policymaking processes.

To enable MSMEs to regionalize their goods and services through capacity building and better trade policies.

Three tips to grow your business

AMTC is committed to helping you grow your business.  We will be highlighting different areas of concern throughout the year.



practice what you say out loud.

Don’t memorize what you are going to say. The rehearsed lines in your head are very different to what will come out of your mouth.



Don't just tell - sell

Great leaders sell their ideas, vision and plan of action. This inspires others to follow their lead and act on their behalf.



Solidify Your Connection

A valuable follow up helps strengthen the connection. It also reminds your new contact that they have you in their network moving forward.

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Join us today and be a part of the growing MSME community in this region. Stay connected and receive the latest news and development that would help grow your business!

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Ambassador - Indonesia

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Ambassador - Singapore

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Director - Asian Business Trade Association (ABTA) Southeast Asia

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AMTC Founding Chairman and AMTC Ambassador – New Zealand

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