ChattoCreek Newsletter

06 Dec 2019: Report # 124

This Weeks Highlight

MALAYSIA SEEKS TO BOOST TRADE WITH JAPAN: Trade Minister Leiking was in Japan along with 60 Malaysian companies this week in a bid to boost trade and investment in such sectors as aerospace, automotive, infrastructure, machinery, medical devices, green technology and the Halal industry.

ChattoCreek Newsletter

29 Nov 2019: Report # 123

This Weeks Highlight

ASEAN’S SUBTLE SWIPE AT TRADE WAR: ASEAN leaders used a joint communique from the ASEAN-Korea 30th Anniversary Summit in Busan this week to supporting the enhancement of trade and investment, narrowing the regional development gap and, in a trade war swipe, to resisting all forms of protectionism.

Video List

Digital Champions Trade Overview

Dr Deborah Elms from the Asian Trade Centre details the status of Asia with respect to the rest of the world in terms of current trade growth, attitudes to trade and trade agreements..

AMTC Community Projects

India Project

Implications of TPP for Processed Food

The Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition, Allied for Startups, Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), Australian Services Roundtable (ASR), and many more have joined with The Information Technology Industry Council to raise awareness to the potential dangers facing companies following India’s decision to adopt an Equalisation Levy on April 1st.