Ambassador New Zealand

Jerry He

Jerry He

Founding Chairman and Ambassador - New Zealand

Jerry is passionate about helping MSMEs going global as well as the digital economy.

Jerry is the Chairman of New Zealand Green Industry Association. Over the years he had worked with professionals from food manufacturers, food technologists, distribution channels as well as raw material suppliers. The Association has successfully helped small to medium New Zealand businesses to obtain import/export advice, distribution channels as well as investment capital from China. NZGIA works with online and offline distribution channels, i.e. Alibaba Group, China Shipping as well as Walmart.

Jerry is appointed as the Independent Director of Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and he also serves as an Advisor to the Board of New Zealand Shareholders Association. He is also an Advisory Board Member for New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland. Jerry has over 10 years of experience as professional manager and leader.

Jerry held a Postgraduate diploma in Computing & Information Science from Auckland University of Technology and is currently pursuing an MBA with the University of Auckland.